Why I chose HeartLight Wellness ...


“I have suffered from chronic nerve pain and insomnia for over ten years. I tried painkillers, sleeping pills, herbal remedies, aromatherapy, and more. The result? Nothing! No change! No sleep! I was at my wit’s end when I found HeartLight Wellness on the web.

I couldn’t believe my luck ~ I found two doctors, Dr. John Brady, and Dr. Irene Dougherty, that finally took my problems seriously. They are a husband and wife team specializing in chronic cases like mine. John is a Ph.D. Psychologist and a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Irene is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Master Acupuncturist, NAET Allergist, and Digestive Health Specialist.

John and Irene listened to my concerns, reviewed my medical history, and created a comprehensive treatment plan to address my nerve pain, sleep problems, and stress. My first treatment included acupuncture to eliminate my nerve pain, followed by deep clinical hypnotherapy to neutralize my anxiety and sleep issues. They worked with me for oven an hour, and it helped immediately.

I’m delighted to say that my nerve pain is gone, and my “sleep pattern” is steadily improving. Dr. Brady and Dr. Dougherty, didn't rush me even though they have a busy practice. John and Irene were the most caring doctors I've ever met. I'm sure they treat everyone the same way, but I felt special." CR, New Mexico.
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Balance Method Acupuncture was developed by the late Grand Master Richard Teh Fu Tan - A Grand Master of Acupuncture. Balance Method Acupuncture is a simple and effective form of acupuncture that treats all types of pain and has an incredibly high success rate of Instantly eliminating 90% of Chronic Pain.

The late Dr. Richard Teh Fu Tan

HeartLight Wellness's Dr. Irene Dougherty was handpicked by Dr. Tan to practice the secrets of Balance Method acupuncture, and she holds his highest rank of Gold Master Balance Method Acupuncturist in New Mexico.

Irene has 35 years experience in applying the Balance Method in cases of acute and chronic pain caused by auto accidents, severe sports injuries, surgery/post surgery, cancer and chemotherapy side effects, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, endometriosis, migraines and more.

The Balance Method is the most effective system of acupuncture for pain relief – short term and long term. Patients appreciate the fact that It treats pain immediately. The benefits of Balance Method Acupuncture are:

     Red Check v1pngTreatment is specifically focused on your unique issues and trouble spots.
     Red Check v1pngPain relief is within seconds of needle insertion.
     Red Check v1png90% success rate with a series of treatments.
     Red Check v1pngFast overall recovery and rehabilitation times.
     Red Check v1pngRe-energized sense of balance in your life.
     Red Check v1pngNeedling is done only on Arms, Legs, & Head so you can wear comfortable clothes with roll-up sleeves and
          pant legs.   
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At HeartLight Wellness we are like old time 'country doctors' treating both adults and kids in a warm home-like environment. We focus on your needs, and we are committed to providing you with the very best in proven, drug-free, pain management treatment.

Dr. Irene Dougherty, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM), holds a Master’s Degree from the prestigious Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Laurel, Maryland, and has the unique distinction of being the only GOLD RANK Balance Method Acupuncturist in New Mexico.

Dr. Dougherty is licensed in three states, and has over thirty-years' experience, and decades of post-graduate education and academic and professional certificates (Read Irene's patient reviews).


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