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Why I think HeartLight Wellness is

Santa Fe's Premier Allergy and Healing Practice ...

Mystery Solved - I want to share my story to help others who are facing challenging health issues.  Before I came to HeartLight Wellness and met Dr. Irene Dougherty, I was having trouble just getting out of bed, and now I get up, enjoy my activities, go out to eat, and do things I used to take for granted.

I struggled for years with extreme fatigue, nagging allergies, muscle weakness, and a host of other unexplained symptoms. I went to see numerous western doctors, and I was told time and time again to stop chasing a diagnosis.

I had to do a lot of soul searching to make my next move. I got up my nerve and shared my situation with a friend who had had similar issues. She recommended that I try Dr. Irene Dougherty at HeartLight Wellness of Santa Fe. She said Dr. Dougherty specializes in difficult cases using a variety of treatments.

HeartLight Wellness is an amazing place. My first visit was a pleasant two hours; almost like visiting a spa. Dr. Irene Dougherty was on time, and she focused entirely on my health concerns. She listened attentively and didn’t rush me—it was a total contrast to my typical doctor's office visit. I was amazed at her patience, caring, compassion, and knowledge.

Dr. Dougherty discovered that my underlying problems were aggravating food and environmental allergies that were affecting my overall health and stress level. It has been such a blessing to understand and improve my quality of life the therapies available at HeartLight Wellness of Santa Fe. HEARTLIGHT TINY LOGO 25 X 1png


I have suffered from chronic nerve pain and insomnia for over ten years. I tried painkillers, sleeping pills, herbal remedies, aromatherapy, and more. The result? Nothing! No change! No sleep! I was at my wit’s end when I found HeartLight Wellness on the web.

I couldn’t believe my luck ~ I found two doctors, Dr. John Brady, and Dr. Irene Dougherty, that finally took my problems seriously.  They are a husband and wife team specializing in chronic cases like mine. John is a Ph.D. Psychologist and a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Irene is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Master Acupuncturist, NAET Allergist, and Digestive Health Specialist.

John and Irene listened to my concerns, reviewed my medical history, and created a comprehensive treatment plan to address my nerve pain, sleep problems, and stress. My first treatment included acupuncture to eliminate my nerve pain, followed by deep clinical hypnotherapy to neutralize my anxiety and sleep issues. They worked with me for oven an hour, and it helped immediately.

I’m delighted to say that my nerve pain is gone, and my “sleep pattern” is steadily improving. Dr. Brady and Dr. Dougherty, didn't rush me even though they have a busy practice. John and Irene were the most caring doctors I've ever met. I'm sure they treat everyone the same way, but I felt special." CR, New Mexico

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If you suffer from acute and chronic conditions that make your life miserable, Dr. Irene Dougherty and Dr. John Brady can help. They focus on you so you can focus on healing! They are patient-centered and offer fully-integrated therapies that treat:

Red Check v1pngEnvironmental and Food Allergies that attack your airways, sinuses,

    nasal passages, skin, disrupt your digestive system, and wreck

    your quality of life.

Red Check v1png Digestive Disorders causing belly pain, IBS, heartburn, acid reflux,

     severe cramps, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting that make your life



Red Check v1pngAnxiety, Stress, and Trauma that creates physical, emotional and

    cognitive issues that leave you sad, angry, or depressed, and impair

    your relationships

Red Check v1png Debilitating Pain from surgery, traumatic injury, auto accidents, sports

     injuries, cancer treatment, and other trauma that hinder your

     physical activities and take joy out of life

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HeartLight Wellness offer every patient all of our PROVEN THERAPIES for ONE FLAT FEE! We are Santa Fe's premier healing practice because patients always come first!

Dr. Irene Dougherty and Dr. John Brady will work with you to design a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs, and we offer longer-term patients and families a substantial discount:

Red Check v1png NAET® ALLERGY ELIMINATION THERAPY - Neutralize Food and
    Environmental Allergies

Red Check v1png LOOMIS ® DIGESTIVE HEALTH - Permanently Eliminate Chronic Acid
    Reflux, GERD & Heartburn

Red Check v1pngCLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY & COUNSELING - Experience deep,
    therapeutic relaxation that relieves stress, anxiety, PTSD, Religious
    Trauma Syndrome (RTS), and related and emotional issues.

Red Check v1png BALANCE METHOD ACUPUNCTURE FOR PAIN(Tan Method) - Achieve
    fast pain relief
that lasts

Red Check v1png FIVE-ELEMENT ACUPUNCTURE - Improve long-term health, wellness
     & vitality

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Are you tired of 'production-line' medicine where doctors rush you through a ten-minute appointment? It takes the 'care' out of health care, doesn't it?

You Deserve Better!

At HeartLight Wellness of Santa Fe you get two outstanding doctors, Dr. Irene Dougherty and Dr. John Brady, for the price of one. They listen and treat you with the respect you deserve, and they are committed to helping you live a healthier, happier life!

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Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM)

Certified N.A.E.T. Allergist ~ Certified Loomis Digestive Health Specialist (LDHS).

Master of Acupuncture (M.Ac.) ~ Diplomat of Acupuncture (Dipl. Ac.) ~ Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.)


Ph.D., Psychology ~ DCH, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Red Check v1png PAYMENT OPTIONS Red Check v1png

  • PAYMENT IS DUE at the time of treatment
  • PAYMENT TYPES - We accept Cash, Debit Card, and Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards.
  • OUT OF NETWORK: HeartLight Wellness is an Out of Network healthcare provider. We do not accept co-pays or insurance payments.
  • REIMBURSEMENT PROCESS: Patients pay for services rendered after treatment and receive "PROOF OF TREATMENT" insurance forms to submit to their insurance provider for reimbursement
  • CHECK WITH YOUR INSURANCE CARRIER FIRST: Please check with your insurance carrier prior to making an appointment for treatment.
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