HeartLight Workshops are uniquely designed to empower individuals, couples, and groups to significantly improve physical, mental, emotional wellness, and improve interpersonal relationships and communication. HEARTLIGHT TINY LOGO 25 X 1png


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Dr. John Brady and Dr. Irene Dougherty are masterful at creating LifeStyle workshops that are informal, warm and welcome venues made up of people like you who enjoy good company and solid common sense ideas that enrich your life and make it more satisfying.

The HeartLight Wellness approach to self-improvement and improving relationships focuses on real-world solutions. This perspective empowers participants in our fun and informative, interactive workshops to find peace of mind and well being by getting to know themselves and how they relate to others in a non-judgmental framework.

What makes the HeartLight workshop approach to self-improvement unique is that participants discover new possibilities through a series of experiences in a safe learning environment where interpersonal communication and lifestyle skills improve confidence, self-esteem, and peace of mind.
Below are just a few of our LifeStyle workshop topics:
"Facing Life with Purpose"
"Beating Stress without Getting Stressed"
"How to Manage the Gadget Age"
"Living Authentically in the Social Media Age"
"Getting to Really Know Yourself"
"Navigating the Life's Transitions"
"Bouncing Back from Adversity"
"Recovering from a Breakup or Divorce"
"Preparing for the 'Empty Nest' Transition"
"Finding Your Senior MoJo"
"Beating the Retirement Blues"
"Be the Author of Your Life Story"
CUSTOMIZED WORKSHOPS JUST FOR YOU! - If your organization wants a special topic, Dr. John Brady will create one that meets your needs. He is only a call away at 505.428.0862.

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COUPLES WORKSHOPS: Why couples workshops? At HeartLight Wellness we know that relationships have a powerful impact on our emotional, physical and mental well-being and overall wellness.

Couples workshops allow couples planning a marriage/partnership, transitioning into mid-life, or others to dialogue about how to strengthen relationships.

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We know that wisdom comes from all 'slices' of life, and we welcome couples and partners from all lifestyles, lesbian, gay, straight, young, middle aged or senior relationships to share their experience with others.

The workshops are a great opportunity to take a 'timeout' when you both can slow down, have fun together, forget the routine, and develop healthy relationship skills. At HeartLight's Couples workshops you’ll learn to:
Identify your relationship's strengths and build on them
Use the A-A-A System to foster respect, affection, and closeness
Build and share a deeper emotional and physical connection
Strengthen and maintain the gains in your relationship
Create an Emotional Bank Account that you can draw on in times of stress
Develop your problem-solving skills
Learn the 6-skills of conflict resolution that keep conflict discussions calm


Dr. Irene Dougherty & Dr. John Brady


HeartLight Wellness is Santa Fe's only practice offering the healing benefits of both Balance Method Acupuncture for immediate pain relief, Five Element Acupuncture, Therapeutic Relaxation for long-term healing, and NAET Allergy Elimination Techniques.

Dr. Brady is an experienced workshop and seminar leader with thirty-years experience working with groups internationally to improve their lives. He holds a Ph.D. in applied psychology and is a Certified Medical/Dental Hypnotherapist (C.Ht) by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and accredited practitioner of therapeutic relaxation in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico.

Dr. Irene Dougherty, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM), holds the unique distinction of being New Mexico's only Balance Method Gold Level Acupuncturist and holds a Master’s Degree in Five-Element Acupuncture from the prestigious Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Laurel, Maryland.

Both Drs. Dougherty and Brady have over twenty years' experience, and decades of post-graduate education and academic and professional certificates.

We invite you to experience Lifestyle and Couples Workshops so you can enjoy the life you love to live.


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We offer a free 15-minute phone consultation for those considering any of HeartLight's healing therapies.  We will answer your questions and walk you through a typical treatment. Simple as that.

Call HeartLight Wellness today.


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