-TJ New York, NY - I came across Dr. Irene Dougherty’s profile while I was temporarily working on a motion picture in Santa Fe. I was looking for an acupuncturist to supplement acupuncture treatment I had at home in NYC. I had struggled with painful stomach issues which medical doctors grappled to diagnose.

Heavy duty stomach medicine that I took provided only temporary relief. Several endoscopies showed my stomach lining was normal and the unlikely the source of my symptoms. I found that acupuncture treatments in New York gave me temporary relief, but like the stomach medicine my symptoms would return with a vengeance between treatments.

When I read Dr. Dougherty’s profile, I was intrigued that she was both an highly experienced acupuncturist AND a Loomis Digestive Health Specialist as well. I found Dr. Dougherty's gentle manner reassuring and professional. We discussed my digestive issues and she suggested that I was missing key digestive enzymes that I needed to digest my food fully.  

While my recent history of frustrating encounters with traditional doctors left me a little skeptical, I agreed to try enzyme therapy along with acupuncture. An added benefit was being treated with therapeutic relaxation by Dr. Dougherty's partner, Dr. John Brady, a certified medical/dental hypnotherapist. His therapy deepened the effects of my acupuncture treatment and dealt with some underlying stress issues I was dealing with and I left in a totally stress-free state.

After only two visits with Dr. Dougherty and Dr. Brady I noticed a huge improvement and now six weeks later I am symptom-free for the first time in over two years. I highly recommend both Irene and John and am very grateful to have crossed paths with them. HEARTLIGHT TINY LOGO 25 X 1png  

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At HeartLight Wellness we want to help you
get off the "Nexium" Highway  and restore your Digestive System so you can to Enjoy Life, and Be Well-Live Well again. We focus on you as part of our own family, treating both adults and kids in a warm and caring environment. We are committed to providing you with the very best in proven, drug-free, digestive healthcare treatment using Acupuncture, Loomis digestive enzyme therapy, Therapeutic Relaxation, and Hypnotherapy.


If you suffer from gastrointestinal problems you know they are unpredictable and inconvenient!  We all need food to live, but millions of Americans like you have digestive systems that don't digest food properly. The result is digestive mayhem that disrupts lives and makes them miserable!

Sadly, the older we get the more we suffer from poor digestion. Last year alone, Nexium, the little purple heartburn pill became the No. 2 best-selling prescription drug in the U.S. with sales of $6.3 billion—and let's not forget the $billions spent on its over-the-counter cousin, Prilosec.

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) is also on the rise. The CDC states that $1.7 billion dollars are spent per year in the United States for treatment of inflammatory bowel disorders resulting in more than 700,000 physician visits, 100,000 hospitalizations, and disability in 119,000 patients.

Over the long term, up to 75% of patients with Crohn’s disease and 25% of those with ulcerative colitis will require surgery. Consider the following startling statistics for all digestive disorders for the U.S.:

60 to 70 million American's are affected by digestive diseases, resulting in:
  48 million doctor's office visits
  8 million emergency room visits
  22 million hospitalizations
246,000 deaths
6 million diagnostic and therapeutic procedures (12 percent of all inpatient procedures)
  21 million surgical procedures (20 percent of all surgical procedures)
  $98 billion, direct medical costs
  $44 billion, indirect costs, i.e., disability and mortality

. . . If you are suffering from
acid reflux, heartburn, abdominal pain, constipation, Crohn's Disease, diarrhea, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and a multitude of other gastrointestinal problems HeartLight Wellness provides a natural, safe, drug-free, non-surgical therapy to put your digestive system back in balance, and your life back on track!. Read on ...


In keeping with HeartLight's philosophy of wellness, we are extremely pleased to offer the Loomis Digestive Health program to our patients in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico. If you have suffered with chronic digestive issues and sought health solutions in vain, HeartLight Wellness's Loomis Digestive Enzyme therapy may be the answer you have been seeking. Click on the picture below for a video in which Dr. Howard Loomis explains the need for enzyme nutrition.

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Dr. Howard F. Loomis, Jr., DC, FIACA
(Click photo for video presentation)

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HeartLight Wellness's Dr. Irene Dougherty, Doctor of Oriental Medicine is a distinguished graduate in the of the Loomis Food Enzyme Institute and was certified Loomis Digestive Health Specialist (LDHS) in 2004.

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Dr. Dougherty believes that staying healthy is your right and responsibility and that your body has innate and fundamental intelligence to be perfectly aligned with the physical laws of health. Dr. Dougherty has helped hundreds of patients like you achieve drug-free, long-term relief from chronic and painful gastrointestinal conditions like those below:

A1c issues (prediabetes elevated blood glucose/blood sugar)

Abdominal Pain

Acid Reflux, Heartburn, GERD

Belching, Bloating, Flatulence

Biliary Tract Disorders, Gallbladder Disorders, and Gallstone Pancreatitis

Gluten intolerance

Constipation and Defecation Problems

Crohn's Disease




Gallstone Pancreatitis

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Mood Swings & Exhaustion

Nausea and Vomiting

Peptic Ulcer Disease

Ulcerative Colitis

Weight Gain (on normal diet)


Enzymes are the construction workers of the body. Protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals are simply the building materials. Enzyme nutrition is the art and science of using nutrition to maintain the body's equilibrium and health. Enzymes work to bring the body to optimal health using whole foods that contain protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Food enzymes are natural components in our food supply, yet they are systematically removed by many food producers to extend its shelf-life. While shelf-life is necessary for our modern society, enzymes must be replaced. For example, when milk is pasteurized it depletes the vitamin A and D content as well as enzymes. The vitamins are added back in, but the enzymes are not.

Dr. Dougherty uses proven standards to nutritionally diagnose each patient's specific needs and prescribe the best sources of nutrients that act synergistically to ensure that food is properly digested and assimilated

When you are ready to take control of your health join the hundreds of patients who have been liberated from chronic digestive problems call HeartLight Wellness for an appointment.

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Dr. Irene Dougherty


HeartLight Wellness is Santa Fe's only practice offering the healing benefits of Loomis Digestive Health therapy, Balance Method Acupuncture for immediate pain relief, Five Element Acupuncture, Therapeutic Relaxation for long-term healing, and NAET Allergy Elimination Techniques.

Dr. Irene Dougherty, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM), holds the unique distinction of being one of New Mexico's most experienced Loomis Digestive Health therapy practitioner and the only Balance Method Gold Level Acupuncturist and holds a Master’s Degree in Five-Element Acupuncture from the prestigious Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Laurel, Maryland.

Dr. Dougherty has over twenty years' experience, and decades of post-graduate education and academic and professional certificates.

We invite you to experience immediate relief of your symptoms and enjoy the life you love to live.

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Personalized Treatments including:
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We offer a free 15-minute phone consultation for those considering any of HeartLight's healing therapies.  We will answer your questions and walk you through a typical treatment. Simple as that.

Call HeartLight Wellness today.


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